Pedestrian Injury Claims London – Kingston, Richmond, Wimbledon

Pedestrian Injury Claims London – Kingston, Richmond, Wimbledon

When it comes to road users, pedestrians are probably the most vulnerable. They are not encased in a metal box to protect them from the impact by a car, van, bus or whatever it is that has hit them.

Particularly on the busiest of roads, pedestrian accidents will rise. As cars are impatient to jump the traffic queues, light changes and road works – pedestrians will usually pay the price !

If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident as a pedestrian and someone else is at fault, here at Kingston Personal Injury Claims we can help ! Our Solicitor has a strong track record for acting for pedestrians who have been injured. We understand the physical pain you are going through and the psychological and emotional side effects that that may have.

Even if you have been involved in a “hit and run” or the person who has hit you is not insured – we can help !

Other Pedestrian Injury Claims

Not all pedestrian accidents are caused by being hit by a vehicle. As pedestrians we traverse the streets on a daily basis. Your Local Authority have a duty to maintain those streets. Perhaps road works are in progress – a manhole cover has been left open, or maybe it is just wear and tear – pavement slaps having slumped or cracked. Your Local Authority have a duty to maintain the highways you use and if you have been injured as a result of a defective path, pavement, or street – we can help.

Compensation for Pedestrian Injury Claims

We will act for you on a no-win, no fee agreement. We will recover compensation not just for your injuries but for all your other losses. If you have been off work or lost earnings – we will recover that ! If you require treatment – or scans/ X-Rays , we will arrange and pay for these. Any surgery can be provided for on a private basis – there is no reason for you to “join the queue” on the NHS for treatment or surgical intervention !. We can also get you interim payments for any losses and if your claim qualifies an up front interim payment of £1000 once your claim is accepted.

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